Corporate Members

How to become Corporate Member

What is a Mundum Nostrum Foundation Corporate Member?

Corporate Members are companies who want to support the Foundation on a long term basis and are then
committed to pay an annual subscription. Payment of subscription come from 2 sources:

-Corporate Membership Percentage Contribution (CMPC) on company’s international financial transfers
through their banks during Year (n)

-Possible financial adjustment when CMPC collection has not reached the required category level. This
adjustment is made at the earliest convenience in Year (n+1).

According to this process, a new Mundum Nostrum Foundation Corporate Member will only be ranked in
their desired contributor category in Year (n+1).

Mundum Nostrum Foundation Corporate Members receive extensive public exposure for their support through advertising and promotional campaigns in every type of media. They are also entitled to display their Mundum Nostrum Foundation membership on every corporate documents.

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