Individuals can either make a one-off donation or commit and subscribe for a Mundum Nostrum Foundation annual support. Businesses can also make a one-off donation. They can either become a permanent Mundum Nostrum Corporate Member, which they will remain as long as they pay their annual membership fee. Donators, Supporters and Corporate Members are ranked according to the amount of their contribution.

Click on the link corresponding to the type and category of contribution (Individual Donation – Business Donation – Individual Supporter Subscription – Corporate Member Subscription) you would like to give to Mundum Nostrum Foundation.


Contributors categories Donations Long Term Subscriptions
Individual Donators Business Donators Individual Supporters Corporate Members (*)
(one-off annual payment) (one-off annual payment) (annual subscription) (annual subscription)
Normal 25 euros

10 000 euros

50 euros

50 000 – 400 000 euros

Bronze 250 euros

250 000 euros

500 euros

500 000 – 4 million euros

Silver 25 000 euros

1 million euros

25 000 euros

5 – 40 million euros

Gold 2 500 000 euros

25 million euros

2 500 000 euros

50 – 200 million euros

Platinum 10 millions euros

100 million euros

25 millions euros

250 – 750 million euros

Diamond Above 25 million euros

Above 250 million euros

Above 50 million euros

Above 1 billion euros

(*) These are businesses which have joined Mundum Nostrum Foundation by subscribing to its Constitution and Charter and agreeing that each of their international financial transfers to be levied to the Corporate Membership Percentage through their banks. If the amount collected through CMP does not reach the desired category level, the company is either ranked in the relevant category, or they can remain in the desired category provided they pay an additional donation to reach the said required category level. The ranking of a member in Year (n+1) is consistent with their contribution in Year (n).

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